Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nihal Fernando's Sri Lanka: A Personal Odyssey is one of the most beautiful - and heartbreaking -books I have ever seen. - Arthur C. Clarke, OBE. Sunday Island, 21 September 1997

Congratulations. 'Sri Lanka - A Personal Odyssey' is a marvelous book. I love it. Your brilliant eye for colour and line brings out the character of the book as it does in all your photographs. They are unique. No one duplicates this. And no one ever will. -Christopher Ondaatje, Private Communiation, 1st October 1997

Now he leaves us to dream with Sri Lanka - A Personal Odyssey. It is the culmination of a voyage that began in high forests among the clouds and led along lonely mountain trails, and down through green valleys of tea and teak. And the path found its destination, at the edge of the waiting sea. It is the voyage of a lifetime, the story of a country's fiery heart, a celebration of all we have inherited and all we have lost.
Within these pages, the history of the land unfolds, tightly interwoven with the lives of her people to create a rich tapestry. The book imbues the reader with sentiments of belonging, giving shape to a blend of emotions not easily described, and offering hope for the future. - Charith Pelpola, Serendib, Vol 17 No 3, May-June 1998

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