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The Handbook for the Ceylon Traveller

Over a quarter century after it was first published, this handy volume continues to be the book that accompanies the discerning traveler who wishes to see the real Sri Lanka (or Ceylon as it was then called), and try to understand it. First published in 1974, it is the 1983 edition that is available at present.

The book is the work of many people, all of whom have written of things they know and love. They will protest at being called ‘experts’, but experts they are on individual facets of Sri Lanka. Moreover, they have traveled the length and breadth of this country, seen, heard, experienced and above all, understood the land, its people and their life. It is this knowledge and the love they have for this island and the islanders that the compilers have tried to infuse into this book.

A sample selection of chapter headings include: Through Negombo into the timeless past, The Peninsula and Mannar, Sanctuary, Grass for your feet … under canvas, Back of Beyond, Caves and caverns, Field and stream, Of spice and curry, Exorcism and the occult, Nimble fingers … There are 38 chapters in this 440 page book which includes 24 black and white photographs and maps.

Produced & Published by Studio Times Ltd
1st Edition (1974) – Sold Out
2nd Edition with additional chapters (1983) – Still available

Price – Rs 350/-
Available at Studio Times Ltd and all leading bookshops.
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