Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Serendip to Sri Lanka by Nihal Fernando & Luxshmanan Nadaraja

“This book is a unique gathering of pictures and words, a celebration and a paean, a pageant and a constellation, to aid and abet the appreciation of a time-honoured paradise and an often tragically misunderstood piece of earth.
“Within these resplendent covers lie vivid impressions of a timeless beauty. What Nihal Fernando and Anu Weerasuriya present is an enclosed world of enchantment, made up of many disparate elements fused in a euphoric union. They have seen beneath the mask of time, the patina of romance and beyond the splintered fragments of a dilapidated and decadent present. May the perusal of this thing of beauty provoke a new yearning and vitality, and a will to eschew the insidious cravings of an estranging modernism. Here shimmers and gleams a heritage to possess, to preserve, and to cherish.”
- Adapted from Introduction by Ian Goonetileke

Produced & Published by Studio Times Ltd in 1991
Out of Print

"It is unlikely that anyone has traveled the length and breadth of this beloved country as has Nihal and his proteges: but it is not because of their wide range of subjects that this book is for many patriotic Sri Lankans, but also for their percipient study of nature, which sees the play of light and shade in the rare visions these photographs show in subjects and events that others pass by without even a hesitant glance, but which he and Luxshmanan have extracted from nature and converted into photographs in concrete memories."
- D.C.L. Amarasinghe, Hony. Secretary, Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, Daily News, Saturday, 9 November 1991, from a Review of the publication Serendip to Sri Lanka

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