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A book like no other published in Sri Lanka it is an epic poem in images and words
on life in the jungle.

This book is based on a Studio Times Exhibition of Photographs titled ‘Wild Life ‘73’, which was held in 1973 at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
A week or two before the Exhibition was scheduled to start, Nihal Fernando, veteran Sri Lankan photographer and Chairman of Studio Times Limited drove his jungle scarred Land Rover into the parking lot near the Times Building, Colombo Fort, where the Studio was then located. It was a Sunday morning when the belching double decker buses and the working people of the city capital took a rest. With him was Herbert Keuneman, former priest and one time curator of Fort of Hammenheil. A writer and teacher, priest and journalist, Herbert Keuneman was the font of information from which sprang the Studio Times publication The Handbook for the Ceylon Traveller. Writing about him, Neville Weeraratne says that “There is (nor was) anyone with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the country in whatever detail and in whichever discipline you chose to question him.”
Fernando and Keuneman flung open the doors of the studio, letting the unsullied air of a quiet morning wind its way through the premises as they laid out photographs on the floor. Beggars who lived in the foyer of the building occasionally peered in, whilst images of deer and elephants, monkeys and crocodiles, jungle trees and jungle pools, birds and birds in flight were scattered all over. Herbert Keuneman walked amongst the black and white photographs, picking up one, peering at the next, tossing photographs here and there. He cast some aside, sorted out others, grouped some more and then started writing the story of a day in the jungle…. with the dawn … the birds … awake … and take off … and so it went on until the last bird flew home.

Produced & Published by Studio Times Ltd in December 2005

ISBN 955-9236-05-9

18 cm x 19cm (portrait), 230 pages, 200 photographs, duo tone printing in Korea

2 Editions
Standard Soft Cover Edition - @ Rs 1,550/-
Deluxe Limited (Limited Numbered Copies) Edition, with spot varnish on photographs - @ Rs 5,500/- per copy



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